Technology to fight Covid-19 at your property.

Easy-to-use platform so you can ensure your guest rooms and public areas are ready for guests.

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1. Create checklists from your SOPs
2. Workers complete checklists on mobile
3. Track compliance in real-time
4. Review performance to improve operations
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“Operational considerations for COVID-19 management in the accommodation sector”, WHO

Follow World Health guidelines

The World Health Organisation has been clear: Covid-19 requires a change of process at hotels.

New process, monitoring compliance, constant improvement. We’re in the business of doing exactly that. SOPs are converted into checklists. The checklists are completed during work. Every action that is taken is reflected real-time in a dashboard and historical data can be retrieved with a few clicks.

This allows you to roll out new processes 70% faster with confidence and ensure compliance.
It is advisable to keep a logbook of the important actions and measures carried out and to record them in enough detail (e.g. including date and time a disinfectant was used, by whom, where, etc.). This logbook can be used to improve the actions implemented. - WHO

Logbook of actions

Every task that is completed in the app will automatically be logged. You can see what what was done, by whom and when.

Documentation for following guidelines will come automatically - and it will be stored in the cloud so it can be easily accessed whenever it is needed.

New processes

Rolling out new SOPs is faster and less difficult. The process is broken down into checklists that has to be completed.

As part of the tourism accommodation establishment action plan for COVID-19, there should be a special cleaning and disinfection plan for situations in which there are sick guests or employees staying at the establishment or identified with COVID-19 within a few days after leaving the establishment. Written recommendations for enhanced cleaning and disinfection should describe the enhanced operating procedures for cleaning, managing solid waste, and for wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). - WHO
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